Sawayra. Inc, a compassionate humanitarian organization carried out a project in August 2017 for Bilquis Mushaf Hospital situated in the city of Rashidabad, Pakistan. The scope of this project included sponsoring a 10 kW solar PV system, supervising the installation and commissioning of the system, and technical support service after completion.

Purpose of the Project

The purpose of this project was to help the organization in meeting its energy demand and reduce its electric utility bill while promoting clean energy. The project was completed in collaboration with vendor Orient Energy Systems (Pvt.) Ltd.

System Modifications

Initially, a 7 kW Outback inverter was installed with a 10.8 kW solar PV system capacity forming a hybrid system but due to the limitation of the installed inverter, 3.6 kW out of 10.8 kW of solar PV array capacity was leftover.

To deal with this problem, a 5kW on-grid Fronius inverter was incorporated with the unutilized 3.6 kW solar PV array in Sept 2019, and then the two systems would operate in parallel.

Average Production

Talking about the average production, it was found that the Fronius 5 kW system was providing an average monthly production of 397.32 kWh and on the other hand the 7 kW Outback inverter was only providing about 95 kWh. The performance of both systems can be seen in the graph below.

The optimum performance of 5kW Fronius inverter, despite being given a less solar PV array input of 3.6 kW, led to the idea of replacing the two systems (5 kW Fronius inverter-based on-grid system and 7 kW Outback inverter-based hybrid system) with a 10 kW Fronius inverter-based on-grid system which utilized the complete 10.8 kW of the solar PV array.

The 10 kW Fronius inverter was installed in Oct 2020. Since then the 10 kW Fronius inverter-based on-grid system has proved to be a better solution overwhelming the previous two systems together. The difference created by this modification can clearly be observed by these two graphs shown below.

System Performance Before and After Modification
Total Solar Production at Rashidabad Hospital up till Oct 2021

Currently, the system is working very well and is maintaining an average monthly energy production of almost 1400 kWh.

Oct 2021