Home Solar Kit

The home solar kit is based on a single 250W solar panel, storage battery, power inverter and mounting. It allows up one to run two fans overnight and also evening use of light bulbs, cell phone charger and small television.

Water Generator

An atmospheric water generator works by cooling the air around us so the water vapor in it can be condensed. Solar power is used to operate the condenser, and increase air flow rate. Best for regions with high relative humidity.

Waste to Energy

Municipal Solid Waste, also referred to as MSW or trash or garbage, consists of everyday items that we throw away. These could include items such as grass and plant clippings, furniture, bottles, cans, food scraps. etc. These items come from our homes,

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The Energy Ecosystem

The Energy Ecosystem

Energy is the life-blood of society … its history being as old as humanity. We use energy to pump water, grow crops, deliver food, manufacture goods, and power our homes, hospitals and public places. In fact, per capita energy consumption is a good indicator of economic prosperity. So what will the global energy landscape look like in the next thirty, fifty or even hundred years? And how are countries like Pakistan doing in terms of adding new capacity year over year? If fact, the country is falling behind compared to its neighbors such as India and Bangladesh, and serious, sustainable changes are warranted.

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Growing Challenges

In 2015, electricity demand in Pakistan is 21000 MW, while production is about 15,500 MW. Many urban areas can see eight hours and rural areas experience up to twelve hours of daily load-shedding.

NTDC, Pakistan

Per capita water availability in Pakistan has fallen from 1500 cubic meters to 1017 cubic meters between 2009 and 2015. This makes Pakistan the third-most water-stressed country in the world.

International Monetary Fund

Over 50% of solid waste in Pakistan is not disposed properly - being dumped in open spaces, thrown into water/drainage, or burnt outdoors.

Ministry of Environment, GOP