Please send your comments or questions to info@sawayra.org

You can work with Sawayra in multiple ways:

  1. Became a part of the team. This will entail attending the weekly conference call and participating with your time and skills on one or more projects. Please contact us by phone or email – see details at bottom of page.
  2. Share information about Sawayra with individuals you believe may be interested in working with us. Word of mouth, social media, exposure via news media are all appreciated.
  3. Make dua for us that we may work with sincerity and humility, and that Allah may accept our efforts, and help us make a difference in the life of even one person, ameen.
  4. Make a tax-deductible, financial contribution.


Alternately, you can mail us a check made payable to Sawaya, Inc. to the following mailing address:

Sawayra, Inc., 5826 New Territory Blvd #311, Sugar Land, Texas 77479 USA

Please note your email address with the check, so we can send you a receipt for tax deduction purposes. Also, if you want to donate money to a specific project, please denote the same. Thank you for your support!