Sawayra: A New Beginning

By Zahra Biabani (December 6th, 2017)

On November 17th, 2017, community members, colleagues, family and friends of Sawayra volunteers in Houston were invited to our 2nd Annual Fund Raising Dinner to hear about the organization’s vision, mission, and project portfolio.  The event was attended by about 50 people.

            “Our mission is to solve the acute problems of access to energy and clean water in under-developed areas of the world through the development of affordable technologies.  We work through local resources; interns, universities, and suppliers, and seek partnerships with local philanthropists and other organizations to develop self-sustaining ecosystems” said Omar Aquib Hasan, the Founder and President of Sawayra.

Project mentors who spoke at the event provided an overview of currently active Sawayra projects as well as future projects.  Sustainable Solar Energy for a Bilquis Mushaf Hospital in Rashidabad, Development of a Low-Cost Water Filter, Design of an Atmospheric Water Generator Powered by a Dehumidifier running on Solar Panels and Design of Home Solar Kits for Small Homes.  For each of these projects, Sawayra professional volunteers are mentoring teams of university students in a journey to find low cost, viable solutions to problems that make life harder for people living in poverty.

Many guests were moved by the organization’s multifaceted efforts to help lift people up from poverty through so many different means. “This non-profit is unique in that it truly helps people on so many levels. Not only does it provide resources to those who need it most, but it also empowers students by providing them with valuable internship and mentoring opportunities” said Razia Basrai, a guest attending the event.



The Sawayra team also introduced four new projects to the audience; solar power and clean water at a small fishing village called Mubarak Village in Pakistan, solar power for an Orphanage in Pakistan, solar power for a school in a remote Kenyan village and solar powered hydrophonics.  These projects follow Sawayra’s approach to helping those who most need it through education, mentoring and implementation.  The school in Kenya aims to reach out to impoverished youth that are preyed upon by extremist groups and live in abject poverty. This event marked the first time we introduced our non-profit’s expansion into Kenya, through this school project spearheaded by philanthropist and Sawayra volunteer Ali Abdinasir.

If you couldn’t make the event and want to contribute to our 2018 goal (the new year is upon us!), please DONATE here to help us fulfill our vision for a more equitable world. To ensure financial transparency, we publish all our finances online. We truly appreciate your contributions.

(After the presentations, the guests enjoyed delicious food prepared by Shahnai restaurant. We appreciate their partnership over the last two years.)

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