Sawayra: A New Beginning

3rd Annual Fundraising Dinner was organized on November 16th, 2018. People from across Houston area belonging to various occupations i.e engineers, doctors, businessmen, Sawayra volunteers & families attended the event. Special thanks to Mr. Syed Fawad Raza, Director Sawayra, who flew from Kentucky.

The program started by Quran recitation & translation followed by welcoming guest’s speech by Mr. Fawad.

“Sawayra is focused on providing sustainable & innovative solutions for clean drinking water & solar electrification by enabling local talent at grass root level in developing countries,” said Syed Fawad Raza.

Fawad further explained Sawayra Model & Process.

Video clips from Sawayra interns got the attention of the audience. Students shared how Sawayra helped them developing not just technical but also improve soft skills. Sawayra has given the opportunity to work with global mentors & how it enabled them to apply technical knowledge in the field.

“I have been working as a Team Leader in Home Solar Project, which significantly improved my soft skills. As the leader of a diverse team & I am being the only female in the team, helped me gain a lot of confidence” said Muneeba Asif, Intern Home Solar Project.

“My Internship with Sawayra has given me a chance to learn new skills, ideas & interact with industry professionals. Most of all I am very delighted, as a student I was able to work for the welfare of people & I believe my association with Sawayra will help me in long run” said Saad Mirza, Intern Water Generator Project.

Further, Jawad Akhter, Solar Project Manager, Explained Sawayra’s structured approach for managing Solar projects. From power audits at the site, properly sizing the system & challenging vendors with technical queries differentiate Sawayra.

Some shocking facts were shared with the audience (below), highlighting the importance of work like Sawayra.  

Project Managers then talked about their project status, recent developments & showed next steps roadmap.

Low-Cost Water Filter project:

To design environmentally friendly clay based low-cost water filter to remove bacteria and other impurities.

Target: 1-5 liters of drinkable water per day, Cost of filter <$5.

Completed: Vendor provided filters are tested & water samples analyzed across Karachi region.

Next: Filter procurement & further testing before field deployment.

Al-Mustafa Orphanage Solar Project

Install Solar Power Plant to reduce monthly electricity charges and provide backup power during grid downtimes.

Completed: Power audit done  Next: Supplier Selection & negotiations. System installation by Q3 2019

If you couldn’t make the event and want to contribute to our 2019 goal (the new year is upon us!), please DONATE here to help us fulfill our vision for a more equitable world. To ensure financial transparency, we publish all our finances online. We truly appreciate your contributions.

Some pictures from the event: