Sawayra is committed to helping needy communities by improving access to electricity, clean drinking water, and cleaner living environment. Some of the places visited by our teams include hospitals, orphanages, slum areas, outlying villages, equipment suppliers and other non-profit organizations. Recent field visits include:

  1. Bilquis Mushaf Hospital, Rashidabad – August 2017
  2. Shed (Supporting Health & Education for Deserving Fellows) Foundation Orphanage – August 2017
  3. Al-Mustafa Welfare Society Orphanage РJuly 2017
  4. Hunar Foundation – Jun 2017
  5. Slum Area of Karachi – October 2016
  6. Solar Vendors in Karachi – September 2016
  7. Mubarak Village – August 2016
  8. Rashidabad – Tando Allahyar – March 2016
  9. Rashidabad – Tando Allahyar – November 2017
Bilquis Mushaf Hospital

The hospital is located in Rashidabad, Tando Allahyar, Sindh province and serves the surrounding villages and towns.

Sawayra team arriving at Bilquis Mushaf Hospital in rural Sindh


Sawayra team members inside the hospital


A view of the kidney dialysis ward


Sawayra director visiting from the USA


Patient leaving after eye procedure


The full Sawayra team with members of Rashidabad Welfare Organization


Shed Foundation Orphanage

This orphanage is located in Karachi, Pakistan

External view of the orphanage


One of the buses used for transporting orphanage staff and residents


View of one of the class rooms


Washroom in the orphanage
Al-Mustafa Orphanage
Al-Mustafa Orphanage front entrance


Playground at the back of the orphanage


Sleeping quarters for the orphans


Bathroom used by the orphans


Slum Area of Karachi
Typical slum area in Karachi


Front of a single family house


Local residents describing some of their problems


Interior of a typical home


Mubarak Village
Typical home in Mubarak Village


Local school (and village) without electricity for years


Water supply in rainy season


Water supply in dry season


Sawayra team with village residents
Sawayra team at hospital entrance with Hunar Foundation electricians


Father with his sick child


Patient exam room at the hospital


Hospital roof where the solar panels will be mounted


Sawayra interns on the hospital roof


Solar Vendors in Karachi
Solar equipment market in Karachi


Another view of the solar equipment market


Sawayra team discussing product offerings with a vendor


Sawayra team meeting another solar vendor


Sawayra interns and Sawayra Operations Manager, Pakistan