Project Title: Low-Cost Home Solar Power Kit

Problem Statement: Many homes in Pakistan experience 8-12 hours of load-shedding. As solar power becomes more cost-effective we want to develop a low cost solar kit intended for households with low monthly electricity consumption, by providing 30-90kWh/month of electricity from solar power. The kit will be based on one solar panel, a storage battery, inverter, charge controller, mounting stand and standardizing wiring related items needed for installation at existing homes.

Typical slum area in Karachi


The system hardware consists of:

  1. Three 250W solar panels from Risen Energy
  2. One 12V 3KVA Axpert pure sine wave power inverter/charge controller
  3. Two 12V 100Ah Narada rechargeable Gel batteries
  4. Solar panel mounts – Adjustable
  5. Circuit breakers and Wiring
  6. Appliances – light bulbs, pedestal fan and refrigerator


Interns checking power output of the solar panels


Sawayra Intern hard at work

The intent is to develop four system size/performance levels:

  1. 250W of solar panel with one battery and charge controller to run DC light bulb, DC fan and mobile phone charger. Target: Rs 35,000 and 1 kWh of energy per day (off-grid solution)
  2. 250W of solar panel with one battery, one charge controller and 0.5kVA inverter to run AC light bulb, AC fan and charge mobile phone. Target: Rs 50,000 and 1 kWh of energy per day (hybrid solution)
  3. 500W of solar panels with one battery, one charge controller and 1kVA inverter to run AC lights, fans, mobile phone and television. Target: Rs. 75000 and 2 kWh of energy per day (hybrid solar system)
  4. 750W of solar panels with two batteries, one charge controller and 2kVA inverter to run AC lights, fans, mobile phone, television and refrigerator. Target price Rs. 125000 and 3 kWh of energy per day (hybrid solar system)

Energy losses should be no more than 20% of energy generated at the solar panels. Also, the system design would ensure that the maximum power output from the panels is drawn at all times based on the load the panels see from the appliances and batteries.

In terms of power consumption, the mobile phone charging will use 5W, light bulb will use about 15W, the fan about 100W and the refrigerator from 150W to 350W depending on whether the compressor is running or not.

Project Status:

One system consisting of 750W of solar panels and 200 Amp-hr of storage has been installed at NED for prototype testing in June 2017. System is currently under test to identify the determine the performance at various price points. Bill of Material, list of suppliers and pricing, as well as detailed assembly and wiring instructions with images uploaded on as all projects are open-source to maximize deployment.

Monitoring system performance on laptop


Solar powered refridgerator


Project Team: Aqil Biabani ( and four interns from NED. They are Muneeba Asif, Rais Badshah, Asma Naz, and Hassam Uddin.

Project team with solar installation

The project team is ably supported by NED Staff and Hunar Foundation Trainee Electricians

From right: Vice Chancellor of NED University, Dr Sarosh Hashmat Lodhi, Sawayra Project Manager, Aqil Biabani and members of faculty of NED


Hunar Foundation Trainee Electricians

Appendix  – Tables and Charts

Solar Kit Image 1

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Global solar insolation map showing incident energy in kWh per square meter of surface area