Houston Chapter

Houston city chapter houses our most number of volunteers. Sawayra’s annual fundraiser is also hosted by this chapter in the city of Houston.

Some of the representatives of Sawayra in Houston are  Omer Aquib Hasan,  Syed Aqil,  Farrukh Hamza, Umair Khalid,  Syed Tahir and Fawad Hussain. For more information, please contact Omar Hasan at hasan@sawayra.org


Boston Chapter

Boston chapter is represented by Maroof Syed (maroof@sawayra.org)


Karachi Chapter

Karachi chapter is instrumental to our on the ground operations. It is led by Khurram Abdullah and Aurangzaib Khan and assisted by our number of interns. For more information, please contact Aurangzaib Khan at aurangzaib@sawayra.org