PROJECT TITLE: Eminent and cost effective solar power project.
PROBLEM STATEMENT: Compare the Received RFQs from different vendors


Al- Mustafa Orphanage Solar project’s team made RFQ based on the data collected through IOTAWATT (Energy Monitoring Device). Al- Mustafa Orphanage situated in the Korangi creek,Karachi.Although 63% area of Karachi is free from regular load shedding, still there are some areas where electricity breakdown is a major problem and Al- Mustafa Orphanage is unfortunately situated in that area. As now the world is moving towards renewable energy we will be installing a solar power system on this building which will be around 12.5KW OR 10KW depending upon the feasibility of the system and the load consumption but before the installation phase. There is an important job to do, and that is to select the vendor, which has very well past experience based on the high scale projects, technical expertise, and cost effective solution.

Two proposals were mentioned in the RFQ (Request For Quotation), i.e.System & System B.

Vendors Visit Orphanage.
We arranged a visit for vendors in order to let to know them about the system installation site. The ultimate aim of arranging this meetup was to familiarize our self with vendors’ knowledge, expertize, and past experiences in renewable energy, particularly in the area Photovoltaic System.
Vendors Response to RFQ.
We received vendors’ response, it was indeed tough but at the same time interesting to know how to compare this equipment based on their technology. Initially, we emailed to every single vendor regarding this project, which comes under the umbrella of K.E. After that, we got a good response as four of the vendor has made a reply to our RFQ. They sent their quotation back to us. Then their technical comparison was made among the vendor’s so that we can analyze the best of the product with their quality.
The proper analysis was done with the entire team considering the mentioned factors below.
⦁ Solar Module characteristics:
⦁ Inverter characteristics.
⦁ Battery
⦁ Charge controller
⦁ Mounting configuration
⦁ Warranty of the product
⦁ Total cost
The above-mentioned factors include the brand, type, maker, rating, and efficiency. Technical proposal comparision was made with the received quotation of all four vendors.

End Note:
Orphanage project’s intern nd Sawayra technical team are working toget,her and reviewing all the quotation of vendors. Hopefully, this process will be done quickly, and will insha ALLAH moves towards the installation phase as soon as possible.

June 2019