Oct 2021

Sawayra. Inc, a compassionate humanitarian organization carried out a project in August 2017 for Bilquis Mushaf Hospital situated in the city of Rashidabad, Pakistan. The scope of this project included sponsoring a 10 kW solar PV system, supervising the installation

August 2019

“AL MUSTAFA ORPHANAGE” -PROBLEMS FACED DURING INSTALLATION OF SOLAR PANELS Interns: SAAD SHAKIL        HASSAAN QADEER        UROOJ FATIMA PROJECT TITLE: Installation of 12.35kW Solar Power Plant PROBLEM STATEMENT: Technical/Civil problems faced at the time of installation DESCRIPTION: The key problems that

July 2019

Load Transition in Hospital INTRODUCTION: Before the installation of PV-System at Bilquis-Mushaf Hospital, in beginning months of 2017, it’s detailed planning and Data collection was taken off.  Load calculation and estimation was a very crucial part of this analysis and

June 2019

INSTALLATION AND COMMISSIONING AT RASHIDABAD PROJECT IOTAWATT: ➢ Problem statement: OpticsRE has huge gaps recently which is probably due to internet outage and which results in data loss. ➢ Solution: In case of an internet outage, IotaWatt is programmed to

June 2019

ORPHANAGE SOLAR POWER PROJECT PROJECT TITLE: Eminent and cost effective solar power project. PROBLEM STATEMENT: Compare the Received RFQs from different vendors Introduction Al- Mustafa Orphanage Solar project’s team made RFQ based on the data collected through IOTAWATT (Energy Monitoring